article submissionsMany internet marketers are using article marketing to promote their or other’s products.

That is a great way to avoid advertising costs and of course to get traffic to your affiliate offers the FREE way.

How to submit articles

You can either submit your articles manually or you can use article submission services, such as isnare… and you pay a monthly fee or a fixed number of article submissions.

There are also software applications that can help you to submit your articles to hundreds of article directories. However, the article submission with this software does NOT happen automatically (and it should not be…)

What this kind of software applications does, is remember a fixed number of data from your website, such as : title, description, URL, your name and email address, etc…

So, when you use this software you only have to fill out a form ONCE instead of hundreds of times for each and every article directory. Another feature that makes it easy for you is the way you go to those article directories:

There is the list of article directories with their specific PageRank (PR) and also the industry they accept articles from. Some are general and accept any kind of article, but other directories only accept articles from a specific industry category.

So, this software will let you choose from PR, industry, etc…

Which also makes it a lot easier for you. On top of that you don’t have to visit each specific article directory. No, you just click on a directory you want to submit to and it will appear in the window of the software. SO, no changing browser windows and losing time anymore.

But they are not all the same…

There are article submitter software titles that do a good job choosing the article directories that are of high quality. But there are others, even paid that are not even worth considering to use.

I use a high quality (low cost) article submitter

In my opinion one of the best article submitter software applications on the internet and it will not cost you a cent to download and use it.

It does all of the above mentioned: high quality article directories, automation of filling out the form with title, description, URL, etc…. + high PR sites

During the submission the software grabs the captcha form and shows it on your screen for you to fill in the characters shown. That is also one the reasons the article submission can NOT be automated. Article directories don’t want automated submissions or submission robot systems, therefore the use of a captcha form.

The advantage of high PR article directories: the article that you submit will inherit the PR of that directory and if you do a good job creating a BIO box with a text link that has your long tail keyword phrase in it, you will have a powerful back link to your website. THis means more traffic to your website and the importance of your website in Google’s eyes will increase and thus your PR will increase…

To know what article submission software I use, click the link below:

Article Submission Software

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