Ooops! Did I say that? :)

I just couldn’t resist the temptation to tell you this.
It’s been a couple of months now that I’m using this article rewriting software.

I have quite a lot of PLR articles on my harddrive gathering cyberdust… However, I’ve started to slowly but surely using them to add content to my blogs and websites.

I’m not using them just like that. You know if you’re using PLR articles they are not unique. And I suppose a few hundreds of other webmasters could have the same articles.

So, if I would use them without changing them a bit, then there would be a problem for Google to choose which one to rank better than the others.

I don’t want Google to choose!

To be honest. I want them to be unique!

If I want them to be really unique I will have to write my articles myself OR I could ask a freelancer or a ghostwriter to write them for me, but that would make it quite expensive,
wouldn’t it? So, we have a cost and time problem here.
The use of PLR articles becomes interesting if you can use all of them in a way that they have been changed sufficiently so that they don’t appear to be copies of 1 and the same article that has been distributed to hundreds or thousands of webmasters.

The key is to rewrite those articles at least 25% or even 30% before you put them on your website or blog.

Rewrite them in record speed.

As I said in the previous paragraphs; I’m using a rewriting software that makes it so much easier to rewrite my articles. The moment you load an article, the software starts to recognize all the words and sentences. Creates a list of synonyms and related words at the top of the software screen. It even creates phrases that are recognized in the initial phase when you load the article. All I have to do is when I want to replace a word or a part of a sentence I just have to point and click.

It goes very fast and in a matter of just minutes a whole article can be rewritten for at least 25% or more. Of course you can choose to do better and rewrite the article for 50% or even 75%.

But that’s the way I use it. I don’t spend too much time rewriting articles, because I have other tasks to do. Every now and then I rewrite some articles with this software. And when I look back now, I have done a pretty good job.

If you’re curious what the name of the software is then follow the link below:

Article Rewriting Software

Happy rewriting! :)

Yours Truly

P.S.: By the way, they’ll give you a fully functional 14 day trial for you to test drive this
kick *ss Article Rewriting Software. (Ooops! I said it again…)

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