Good old ‘Gold rush’

I wrote a post a few years ago about a ‘Gold Rush’ that was taking place on the Internet. And in fact I touched some really sensitive points that most of the Make Money Online product owners would not really appreciate.

Let me explain.

I was talking about the people ( product owners) that sold the shovels instead of searching for gold to become very rich. The gold diggers (people who try to make money online) who needed a place to sleep paid an exponential amount of money to the ‘hotel owners’. So what actually was going on then, was that the people digging  for gold didn’t really find any gold, and even if they did find some gold dust, they spent it on ‘very expensive’ equipment and ended up broke. They went home without any money. After working very hard in
terrible conditions.

My point is that there is still a ‘Gold Rush’ going on. When I started looking for an occasion to make money from home back in 2005, I already found numerous opportunities to start making thousands of dollars a week. …

At least I thought I was going to. Because, that is what they promised me. Thinking about it now it all sounded ‘clichĂ©’. Words like: ” The moment you click that order button you will be able to cash in thousands of dollars from AdSense and have the life style you always dreamed of…” OR “You could be making money within a matter of minutes from now, just click the order button and see for yourself…”

Opportunity after opportunity

People trying to work from home had the chance to start making money in many ways. Whenever they subscribed to a list owned by one of the many ‘established make money’ tutors, they got bombarded with emails from other like minded people, who offered even better ways to make money from the Internet. This happened because it was normal to ‘joint venture’ whenever a product was to be launched ‘successfully’. And ‘successfully’ means they made a lot of money out of it.

When I look back now, I realize that I was lucky not to fall into the trap of buying so many ‘get rich’ products. Because it often ended up in the purchaser losing money instead of making money. They worked hard using their ‘shovels’ , but found no ‘gold’. Some did the same as those who already got rich and started to look for ways to sell ‘shovels’ too and they succeeded very well.

Membership sites rose from the earth bottom like mushrooms. I can’t tell how many membership sites now exist, but there are hundreds or even thousands of membership site owners cashing in thousands every month from their members. And some members succeed and most of them don’t.

Those who don’t succeed don’t stop searching for ‘gold’. They look for other opportunities …and eventually they become ‘opportunity addicts’. Making product owners rich.

They’re still doing it, but in a more subtle way

Nowadays there are more product and membership site owners than ever. Some sell good, others don’t. This is the result of what started with a few people telling others that they could become rich working from home. And they told them that it was easy. Otherwise they wouldn’t have started putting effort in it in the first place.

The main reason that we have a situation like this, is that the Internet is free to use for everyone. There’s the freedom to make choices in life and some choose to ‘try’ to stay at home and ‘try’ to make money from home. They don’t have to ask permission to do so.

Fact is that there are now millions of people trying to ‘dig for gold’ instead of a few thousand in the early days. So, the opportunity to make money for the big guys is bigger than ever. They grow their email lists faster. More people buy products and join memberships.

There is a difference though in the way that they capture email addresses. Most of the time when you get prompted about a method ‘never revealed before’ to earn money, you will end up on a squeeze page with a video that you have no control over.

You either watch it entirely and become curious, so you fill in your email address. OR you close the window. When you fill in your email address, you will see another page bringing you closer to the ‘sale’ (for them). While watching the second page, you already receive a message in your IN box to activate your subscription. Each message that follows brings you closer to the sale (you buying the product) . The process of selling this way is called the ‘sales funnel’ and apparently it works.

There are still honest workers offering services

There are other people selling ‘shovels’, but somehow they do it in an honest way. Because all they do is deliver what you ask for.

I talk about freelancers, copy writers, graphic designer and web designers.

They offer you their services in an honest way and most of the time they don’t care about what you will do with the services delivered. All they care about is to earn an honest living from the services they offer.

If you think of how the situation is now and how many people are spending money, but failing miserably. There is still a way to earn an honest income from home and from the Internet.

Selling services. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Maybe you will not become very wealthy, but at least there’s an opportunity to stay at home and quit the day job that you hate so much.

So, if you have skills that you think other people could use. You can stop looking for other opportunities or being an ‘opportunity addict’ and become an established ‘service provider’.

Something to think about, I guess…


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