Build a websiteHave you ever thought of making your own website?

It sounds a bit complicated, but actually creating websites is possible for everybody. Some people want you to believe that a website must look very professional or ‘flashy’.

In fact those good looking websites take a lot of time to load and that is a big disadvantage, because most visitors don’t have the patience to wait for a website that needs minutes to load. They want it ‘right now’ or they leave to another place.

Do you know what is the most important part of a website?

That is the information you have to offer to the visitors. Yes, really, people look for information. People look for solutions to solve problems, or they look for pleasure, such as :

music, games, videos, etc…

As long as you know what the visitors to your website want, they will stay longer and even interact with you, if possible.

How is it done?

Well, there are different ways to create websites. There are also different languages, or codes in which websites are created. A few are HTML, PHP, …

Most websites are coded in HTML. But there’s a way around the coding part that makes things much easier and that is the use of WYSIWYG-editors.

Let me translate: What You See Is What You Get

With this kind of application you don’t need to see any code. You simply write text, add links to other websites or to other places on your own website. You can also add images, add videos or an audio player.

However, the audio and video players usually require skills on a higher level. But, …, if you are prepared to come back to my website, I will explain everything step-by-step in video-tutorials.

You can bookmark (add to your ‘favourites’) my website by hitting CTRL+D and come back later to see if I added new materials. And I wil, that’s a promise :)

Check out my favorite web design tool.

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