I know this sounds promising, but it all depends on what amount of money you really expect to earn. Nowadays some people are making a 8-figure income from the internet. These so-called ‘gurus’ are just a happy few. However, I happen to know quite a few making a 5-figure income from internet-marketing.

But, how do they manage to make that kind of money?

I don’t want you to start dreaming of that Ferrari or that Porsche right away. Or maybe a huge mansion in Beverly Hills. Because that’s exactly what some people want you to believe. That their products will make you rich overnight, just by clicking some buttons on your computer keyboard. Nothing is further from the truth. Whatever they did, they worked very hard to earn that kind of money.

Basically, what these people do is set up a website to offer solutions for certain problems, and sell those solutions for money. They send traffic to their websites: they buy advertisements or they optimize their website to rank high in the search engines.

Ranking high on the first page in the search engines is hard, because after all there are millions of websites competing with each other. Optimizing your website for the search-engines is called SEO. In fact, SEO has become a multi-million dollar industry and as you can probably guess, some people are making millions from teaching others how to optimize there websites for SEO.

The above are just a few examples. Money can be made from the internet in so many ways that often new webmasters and internet-marketers get confused about all the money making opportunities. They buy all the courses and end up losing thousands of dollars, without making a considerable amount of money.

There are a few honest ways to make money online and add a few hundred dollars to your bankaccount every month.
Some of these are Article marketing, publishing Adsense websites, web design, graphic design, copy writing, etc…

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