Yep! That’s where I live. Although there are more rainy days than sunny days I stillĀ  love it here. My country is green, very green and that’s what I like about it.

Here in in Belgium everything is within reach. It’s a tiny little country, but you’ll find every kind of landscape here; from plain to mountain, all within the reach of 300 kilometres.

Belgium is divided in 3 territories, because there are 3 languages:
Dutch, French and German

One would think that we belgians all speak 3 different languages. Well that’s not the case.

Although most of the people here speak at least 2 languages fluently, there are still people struggling to learn the other languages. Or some don’t even care because they don’t need the languages for their jobs.

It’s kind of complicated, because we, ‘the Flemish’, tend to learn easier than the people from ‘La Wallonie’. That is because we Flemish have always been influenced by other cultures throughout the history. The ‘German’ area is just a small one. It is located near the German border. Most of ‘us’ don’t speak German. Only a tiny fraction of the Belgian population speaks German.

Many people visit Belgium because there’s so much to see. Especially the Medieval cities all over the country are definitely worth a visit.

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