rss feed submissionsYou know, I’ve discovered a RSS feed submissions a while ago. The purpose was to spread my website’s content all over the Internet to get traffic to my websites, without having to pay for advertising.

You can either do it manually or with the help of a RSS feed submission software. You only have do to it once for a specific blog or website. After that the feed will be updated automatically whenever you change something to your blog.

I did this for the majority of my blogs. Only, I thought I didn’t get results fast enough, so I purchased a plugin that submits a new RSS feed to a number of aggregators, everytime you add a new post. I used this plugin for a month to see what happened. One of my blogs used to rank 350,000 on and after a month I saw my blog rank lower than 450,000. The least to say is that I couldn’t hide my disappointment. So, I checked other websites and blogs and the same was happening to those. So, my conclusion was that Google saw too much RSS feeds linking to the same blogs. My first thought was –> sandboxed. I removed the plugin and removed the RSS feeds from the aggregators where possible.

I’m currently adding new content and, most important, original content. And now slowly but surely my blogs start showing better rankings in the SERP’s.

To be honest, the best results I’ve always had was by just adding original content and structuring my blogs very well in categories and sub-categories. Add the necessary Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact page

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