Have you ever wondered what can help you to succeed online. Whether you are an affiliate or want to become the owner of a product to sell:

You have to avoid the huge competition out there!

Think of it. If you choose to go in competitive markets then you will probably fail before you try to promote your or somebody else’s product or service.

Too much competition will make it :

  • more expensive to advertise.
  • more difficult to rank in the search-engines
  • you will have to work harder (and probably not succeed at all!)

So, what can you do to avoid competition?

First of all, make a good choice before diving into any market.

Which means that you have to know:

  • as we said, not too many competitors
  • if people are already buying in this market
  • if enough people look for the solution you have to offer

How do we know all that?

By doing thorough research prior to putting all your efforts into a marketing campaign.

Research all the points mentioned above. You can do this manually and that is a good thing. But you could also use software tools to assist you and speed up the research part to make it easier for you.

I use a software that tells me all the sub niches and even goes deeper than that. It tells me the mini niches. But before I use it I will know exactly what market is profitable and how many people are searching for products in that market.

The exciting part is that by going into those mini niches I will avoid competition and probably be one of the few people who promote or sell in that (mini) niche.

And that’s exactly what we want. We DO want a sufficient amount of searchers, but only if the amount of competing advertisers is low enough. (and I mean very low)

This way it is possible to make a lot of sales if you go into several of those mini niches without having too much competitors.

This software tells me where to find those mini niches

Yes it does! And how:

It tells me everything I need to know before I start promoting.

  • number of competitors
  • broad match search
  • exact phrase match search
  • ad cost
  • Google trends
  • locate the most profitable affiliate programs
  • finds unlicensed content to create articles for those mini niches
  • Google product search
  • Clickbank product search
  • news searches
  • Amazon search
  • Domain search for that niche

I could go on and on.

Google AdSense publishers will also find this tool coming in very handy, because with the information you gather using this tool, you can create AdSense websites that will rank in no time, easily, just because you will avoid the huge amount of competing websites.

If you are curious and want to know what software I use then click the link below:

Find those profitable mini niches

Happy Research!

Yours truly.

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