Do you see what I see?

Ever since John Reese launched his famous Traffic Secrets 2 there has been a lot of talking about LSI all over the Internet.

John Reese has emphasized the importance of optimizing your content and your articles for LSI, which means Latent Semantic Indexing.

Well, it’s been more than a year ago since I learned that Google indexed the websites which are optimized for LSI better than other sites. Also, people involved in Search Engine Optimization knew this. You have to optimize your content keeping an eye on LSI.

This is the guarantee that Google will index your website for a long time and chances are that your site will get ranked on the first page.  Well, LSI is one thing , getting quality back links is another very important factor. But I will not talk about that in this article.

There’s something going on these days. Most PLR memberships will sell LSI related stuff, which is good. On the other hand, we all know that PLR can not be put on the Internet just like that. Aunt Pat and uncle Peter have the same articles and if they would use them just like that they would have competitors all over the place, and who knows how many other people have the same articles. It doesn’t matter if they are optimized for LSI, they will have to rewrite them all. Ye, that’s right.

I’m sure the changes PLR sites have applied will cost you a lot more and to be honest I think they will sell. Because people have learned in a very short time that LSI is important! Especially, if John Reese says it, they will believe it. And they should, because John says it. He’s one of the few people who see the ‘big picture’.

OK, now that we know that articles have to be rewritten, if they are optimized for LSI or not, we will need to learn rewriting those articles, right?

You can learn that by buying reports from people who teach techniques to write and rewrite articles. There’s also a lot of software available on the Internet for prices ranging from $47 to $247. And let me  tell you, I bought the last one.

I payed $247 for a piece of software that gave me even more work to change the articles.

To be honest, just trying to use this software I began to hate those PLR articles. I spent more time trying to figure out how to configure the software and the article, than I was able to generate unique articles. So, the software ended up in the trash can.

Now, as technology evolves and people start to get experienced creating good software. I discovered a company that created, in my humble opinion, the best article rewriting software at the lowest price possible: Content Mania

This article rewriting software is the only of it’s kind that makes it easy to optimize your articles for LSI, without losing much time. Once you have your articles pasted in, you can start changing it in minutes. After every small change you see every statistic on your screen and the software tells you what you have to change in order to make it a good unique article optimized for LSI.

As a matter of fact, I added it to my range of software products at

You can read more about the Content Mania software by clicking on the link below:

Content Mania

Hope you learned something from this article. Have a nice day,


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