I’m sure you already heard about this revolutionary website builder software. It’s easy to use and it enables you to build any kind of website. While there are some other excellent WYSIWYG ( read : What You See Is What You Get) website builders available, there still is a huge learning curve to overcome.
XsitePro web design

XsitePro web design

A new website I’m creating in Xsite Pro 2 ViewBelgium.com

Xsite Pro doesn’t require you to be a quick learner or a talented technical genius . You can start using it without preceding website building experience. It’s rather self explanatory and the built-in wizards help you in every step towards building your first website.

XSitePro website design software

Traffic, and lots of it.

We all know how important it is to get traffic to a website. Well, the new version 2 guides you through a number of easy to follow steps to optimize every single webpage for the search engines. Every effort has been made to provide you with sitemaps, RSS feeds, social bookmarks, Meta-tags and on page opitmization factors.

In my experience XsitePro websites get indexed fairly quickly. Ususally it takes only a few days for my sites to get indexed by Google. Of course you have to consider what kind of competition certain keywords encounter. Fact is that Xsite Pro generates professionally designed websites and that Google will prefer those above the crappy websites you often see littered all over the Internet.

Watch the screenshot below of the website I recently created:

ranking#2 out of 99.6 million

ranking#2 out of 99.6 million

XSitePro web design software

Multimedia? No problemo!

We now live in an era where a lot of information is shared through audio and videos. So, if you want to be a part of the modern information empire you’d better use them too.

You can keep your visitors glued to your website by providing audios or videos on your pages. With Xsite Pro 2 it is easier than cooking an egg. I don’t want to make it sound too easy, but truth is truth. With literally a few clicks you can add audio and video to your pages in just a few seconds. Images and banners can be embedded with the same ease.

Money, money, money…

If your goal is to earn money from your website than Xsite Pro is THE tool for you.
In fact, Xsite Pro was created with the Internet Marketer in mind. It enables you to use any possible source of monetization : advertizing (i.e. AdSense), banners, etc. and knowing that you will get guaranteed traffic, you’re good to go and make your first online sales.

You can create seperate review style pages to promote products or services with your affiliate links embedded. There are plenty of wizards and tools to insert ready to use forms and to create squeeze pages, so you can start building your email lists. What more do you need…
XSitePro web design software

Nothing but benefits

If you want to know my opinion. Xsite Pro 2 is one of the best and easiest tools for the creation of professionally looking and search engine optimized websites. The ease of use makes that anyone with no preceding experience can use it.
Think about the benefits:

• Step by step guidance during website creation
• Ready to use templates (choose from hundreds)
• Search engine optimization (easy)
• Multimedia use on pages
• Monetization: AdSense, banners, affiliate pages
• Forms and Squeeze pages built-in

If you’re looking for a good investment that will generate you revenue guaranteed, then you need to consider buying a tool like Xsite Pro 2. You will give your online business a boost with professionally looking websites optimized for the search engines that suck in traffic like no other. Take a look at the Xsite Pro website and let the huge number of testimonials convince you:

XSitePro website design software OR Download the free Xsite Pro 2.5 brochure Here

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